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Terminology Associated with Gantry Cranes

Terminology Associated with Gantry Cranes

Gantry Construction

Pre casting the box girder segments speeds up the construction of the bridge structure in two ways:

1. It permits to be fabricated elsewhere (precast) while the substructure (i.a, piles, footings, pier column and pier segments) is being built.

2. It allows rapid assembly of the segments when building the cantilevers since the delays in waiting for newly cast concrete to harden arc eliminated.

The decision to precast obviously requires a method for transporting the segments in place to assemble them on the structure. Often times, when bridges are constructed over water, the segments can be shipped to the site on barges and lifted into place by equipment positioned at the end of the cantilevers. Most of the river is not deep enough to readily permit barging without "dredging" of lowering a portion of the river bed.

The massive size and length of the gantry is not so much for lifting the segments but to allow it to move from pier to pier as it completed one section of the bridge and moves on to the next. It normally sits on supports near the center and the rear of the gantry while lifting segments so build a cantilever. With the aid of temporary props, the gantry can be raised so the supports can be moved to the next pier. The gantry then follows by sliding along the top of the supports.

Advantages of Gantry Cranes are:

Because of these design limitations, Gantry Cranes are generally used for moving heavy loads, often outdoors.

Gantry Cranes - Uses in Various Plants-Power Plant, Steel Plant, Air Craft Manufacturing Plant.


ISO TR 16890:2004

Collects the design and manufacturing requirements and recommendations for bndge and gantry cranes in ISO and IEC International Standards.

ISO 4301-5:1991

Cranes - Classification - Gantry cranes and Overhead traveling cranes. Establishes the cranes based on the number of operating cycles to be carried out during the expected life of the appliance and its mechanisms, and a load spectrum factor, which represents the nominal state of loading.

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