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Specification of Hydraulic Crawler Crane 7055

Power Plant

Model: Hino diesel engine J08E-TM
Type:Water-cooled, direct fuel injection, with turbocharger Compiles with NRMM (Europe) Stage IIIA and US EPA Tier III.
Displacement: 7.684 liters
Rated Power: 159 kW at 2,000 min-1 {rpm} (ISO)
Max. torque: 797 N•m/1,600 min-1
Cooling system: Liquid, recirculating bypass
Starter: 24 V/5.0 kW
Radiator: Corrugated type core, thermostatically controlled
Air cleaner: Dry type with replaceable paper element
Throttle: Electric throttle control, twist grip type
Fuel filter: Replaceable paper element
Batteries: Two 12 V,136Ah/5HR capacity batteries, series connected.
Fuel tank capacity: 400 liters

Hydraulic System

Three variable displacement piston pumps are driven by heavyduty pump drive. Two of variable displacement pumps are used in the main hook hoist circuit, boom hoist circuit, auxiliary hook hoist circuit, third hoist circuit and each propel circuit. The other is used in the swing circuit.
Control: Full-flow hydraulic control system for infinitely variable pressure to front and rear drums, boom hoist brakes and clutches. Controls respond instantly to the touch, delivering smooth function operation.
Cooling: Oil-to-air heat exchanger (plate-fin type)
Filtration: Full-flow and bypass type with replaceable element
Electrical system: All wiring corded for easy servicing, individual fused branch circuits.
Max. relief valve pressure:
Load hoist, boom hoist and propel system: 31.9 MPa {325 kgf/cm2}
Swing system: 27.5 MPa {280 kgf/cm2}
Control system: 7.0 MPa {71 kgf/cm2}
Reservoir capacity: 440 liters

Boom Hoisting System

Powered by a hydraulic motor through a planetary reducer.
Brake: A spring-set, hydraulically released multiple-disc brake
is mounted on the boom hoist motor and operated through a
counter-balance valve.
Drum lock: External ratchet for locking drum.
Drum: Single drum, grooved for 16 mm dia. wire rope.
Line speed: Single line on first drum layer
Hoisting/Lowering: 70 to 2 m/min
Diameter of wire ropes
Boom guy line: 30 mm
Boom hoist reeving: 12 parts of 16 mm dia.high strength wire rope
Boom backstops: Telescopic type with spring bumper
Required for all boom lengths

Load Hoist System

Front and rear drums for load hoist powered by a hydraulic variable plunger motors, driven through planetary reducers.
Brake: A spring-set, hydraulically released multiple-disc brake is mounted on the hoist motor and operated through a counterbalance valve. Both positive and negative brake systems are available.
Drum lock: External ratchet for locking drum.
Front drum: 550 mm P.C.D. x 545 mm Lg. wide drum, grooved for 22 mm wire rope. Rope capacity is 175 m working length and 335 m storage length.
Rear drum: 550 mm P.C.D. x 545 mm Lg. wide drum, grooved for 22 mm wire rope. Rope capacity is 125 m working length and 335 m storage length.
Line speed: Single line on the first drum layer
Hoisting/Lowering: 120 to 3 m/min
Tower Jib Hoisting/Lowering: 90 to 3 m/min(Rear drum)
Line Pull: Rated line pull (Single-line): 68.6 kN {7.0 tf}

Swing System

Swing unit is powered by hydraulic motor driving spur gear through planetary reducer, the swing system provides 360° rotation.
Swing parking brakes: A spring-set, hydraulically released multiple-disc brake is mounted on swing motor.
Swing circle: Single-row ball bearing with an integral internally cut swing gear.
Swing lock: Manually, two position lock for transportation
Swing speed: 4.0 min-1 {rpm}

Upper Structure

Torsion-free precision machined upper frame. All components are located clearly and service friendly. Engine with low noise level.
Counterweight: 15.2 ton
Additional counterweight: 3.3 ton

Cab & Control

Totally enclosed, full vision cab with safety glass, fully adjustable, high backed seat with a head-rest and armrests, and intermittent wiper and window washer (skylight and front window).
Cab fittings: Air conditioner, convenient compartment (for tool), cup holder, ashtray, cigarette lighter, sun visor, roof blind, tinted glass, floor mat, foot-rest, shoe tray
Controls: Four adjustable levers for front drum, rear drum, boom drum and swing controls.

Lower Structure

Steel-welded carbody with axles. Crawler assemblies can be hydraulically extended for wide-track operation or retracted for transportation. Crawler belt tension is maintained by hydraulic jack force on the track-adjusting bearing block.
Crawler drive: Independent hydraulic propel drive is built into each crawler side frame. Each drive consists of a hydraulic motor propelling a driving tumbler through a planetary gear box. Hydraulic motor and gear box are built into the crawler side frame within the shoe width.
Crawler brakes: Spring-set, hydraulically released parking brakes are built into each propel drive.
Steering mechanism: A hydraulic propel system provides both skid steering (driving one track only) and counter-rotating steering (driving each track in opposite directions).
Track rollers: Sealed track rollers for maintenance-free operation.
Shoes (flat): 59 shoes, 760 mm wide each crawler
Max. travel speed: 2.4/1.5 km/h
Max. gradeability: 40%


Including upper and lower machine, 15.2 ton counterweight, basic boom (or basic tower + basic tower jib), hook, and other accessories.

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