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Rule about safety factor for hoisting cables and wire rope

Rule about safety factor for hoisting cables

The designed safety factor for the hoisting cable on:

(a) A hot metal crane shall not be less than 8.

(b) Any other crane shall not be less than 5.

Rule about wire rope

(1) A wire rope used on a crane shall be repaired or replaced in any of the following circumstances:

(2) Wire rope discarded from a crane under subrule (1) of this rule shall not be used for any other load-carrying service.

(3) Wire rope for a crane bent to form an eye shall be equipped with a metal thimble.

(4) A wire rope end fitting shall be a clamp, swage, or a zinc or equivalent poured socket. Before cutting wire rope, seizings shall be placed as follows:

(5) Wire rope, that has an independent wire rope core shall be used on all molten metal applications and in an area where the environmental atmosphere will cause deterioration of a hemp center.

(6) Wire rope shall be stored in a manner to prevent damage or deterioration.

(7) The unreeling or uncoiling of wire rope shall be done as recommended by the rope manufacturer and with care to avoid kinking or inducing a twist.

(8) Rope clips attached with u-bolts shall have the u-bolts on the dead or short end of the rope. Spacing and number of all types of clips shall be in accordance with the clip manufacturer’s recommendation. Clips shall be drop-forged steel in all sizes manufactured commercially. When a newly installed rope has been in operation for an hour, all nuts on the clip bolts shall be retightened (see appendix A).

(9) Replacement rope shall meet or exceed the original specifications set forth by the crane manufacturer.

(10) If a load is supported by more than 1 part of rope, then the tension in the parts shall be equalized.

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