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Since the establishment, Shanghai Yingji Crane Co., Ltd has regarded “ All is for clients” as its service goal and has provided high-quality, high-taste, high-efficient and all-around-way service for its clients.

Our considerate service, accurate manufacture and reasonable price will satisfy you to the best. YJCrane people have created the brand “YJCrane” with many years’ hard work and experience. Without satisfactory clients there will be no futures for the company. We must develop new technologies and new products for our clients, and make our popularity on a high level in this field; we must heighten our position and set a good example in the field. A group of experienced staffs are ready to serve you with enthusiasm at any moment !

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YJCrane listens to our customers and then ensure maximum productivity of equipment, supply critical parts and services, and, most importantly, achieve the lowest possible cost of production throughout the life cycle of the equipment. YJCrane services – sound, comprehensive, valuable and global – are designed to help our customers overcome all such challenges successfully and profitably.

YJCrane supplies more than just the crane system. We offer you our constructive cooperation and development partnership to optimise your overhead material flow chain. Our experienced engineers and technicians elaborate individual solutions in a dialogue with you. An extensive engineering package is included in our scope of supply. This comprises scale drawings including electrics and full documentation.

The responsibility for completion of a project is undivided. We ourselves advise, plan, manufacture, erect and maintain. Our precise on-schedule delivery is a reliable basis for punctual completion of your project. On site, our electricians will take care of full electrical interlinking and the power supply to your crane system. Our technicians install the crane runways and suspensions and erect your crane professionally. Immediately after erection YJCrane's crane experts test the new installation for correct functioning and safety. This acceptance test is performed according to precise, strict regulations. Your crane system can then start operation immediately. And for you there begins a long-lasting partnership with YJCrane.

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