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25ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

25ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

25ton Hydraulic Truck Crane is advanced in parameters, reliable in performances, beautiful in appearance, high in quality, simple in structure and easy in operation. It is equipped with advanced safety devices and is easy for repair and maintenance, safe for use and reasonable in pricing, for which it has become an ideal choice for many construction enterprises. Hydraulic Truck Crane has a boom of 6 sections which are of large arc hexagon profile and 2 sections of side jibs. It can slew?within 360° and can be used in various working occasions.

Detailed Product Description of 25ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

Feature of 25ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

1. The crane boasts elegant appearance, which presents a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics. It has been sold well in domestic and abroad. Furthermore, this crane has won Appearance & Quality Special Reward at the 8th Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition.

2. The crane adopts a new-concept and self-made special-purpose chassis with a full-width driver's cab. The chassis drive type is 8?4.

3. The crane adopts WEICHAI Steyr engine which is specially developed for those cranes that often travel at low speed. This kind of engine not only can produce large output torque when it starts and increase the traveling speed quickly, but also has excellent starting performance and good gradeability. In addition, the crane can be fitted with Cummins engine according to customers’ demands.

4. The crane is equipped with 9- speed gearbox which changes gear smoothly and is of simple structure and makes maintenance convenient.

5. The crane is fitted with a 44m long hexagon-section boom which is made of high-strength steel, so the boom has strong resistance to bending and torsion. The distinctively-designed circular arc sliding block (having obtained a national patent) makes the stress distributed more evenly, the load carrying capacity stronger, and the adjustment easier. The local rigidity in boom supporting point is good, which has improved the lifting capacity on boom with same thickness and achieved the goal of greater lifting capacity on lighter boom.

6. The boom applies an arbitrary telescopic type which can improve the stability of crane when it works with large working radius. (When boom telescopes in different sequence, the position of boom’s center of gravity is adjusted accordingly.)

7. The electro-hydraulic pilot proportional control has the functions of pressure compensation and load feedback, which make the working speed not be affected by the change of load, and have good stability as well as little power loss. Furthermore, the operator’s cab is equipped with pilot control handle with excellent performance which not only makes various motions have excellent jogging performance and reduce the labor intensity effectively, but also can carry out all kinds of combination motions quickly and improve working efficiency dramatically. The electric system adopts PLC program control and CAN-bus connection control technology which not only can monitor various pressure of system in real time, but also make faulty diagnosis and modify all kinds of specifications displayed on PLC on the spot through monitor.

8. The slewing mechanism has the functions of protecting the crane automatically when the crane is overloaded, reducing the impacts, and activating hydraulic brake when the hydraulic control valve is in neutral position as well as free swing. In addition, it can automatically make boom, wire rope and lifted load slew simultaneously, and minimize the sway of boom and load while the crane starts or stops quickly, and accelerates or decelerates slewing.

9. The two-section outrigger beam boasts such advantages as large outrigger span and outstanding stability. Moreover, this kind of outrigger has half-extended working mode, so the working range is extended.

10. The 5th outrigger is fitted with warning device (acoustic alarm), which can make operator know about the retracting state of the 5th outrigger so as to enhance safety performance of the crane.

11. The crane is fitted with outrigger lamps which can facilitate operation at night.

12. The crane is equipped with high-quality load moment limiter which has such advantages as great precision and complete information shown on the display. In this way, the safe lifting operation can be guaranteed.

Technical Data of 25ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

Classificatory Item Unit Parameter
Outline dimension Overall length mm 12000
Overall width mm 2500
Overall height mm 3380
Mass Total mass in travel state kg 31000
Axle load Front Axle kg 6440
Rear Axle kg 24600
Travel performance Travel speed Max. travel speed km/h 75
Turning diameter Min. turning diameter m 22
Min. ground clearance mm 260
Approach angle (") 16
Departure angle (") 13
Braking distance (at speed of 30km/h) m 10
Max. grade-ability % 30
Fuel consumption for 100km L 37
Power Engine rated output kW/(r/min.) 206/2200
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min.) 1112/1400

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