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Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (E.O.T.Cranes)

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (E.O.T.Cranes)

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (E.O.T.Cranes) composed with Girder frame, Crane travel device, and the trolley with lifting and moving device. There are Pave the rail for the trolley move on the main girder. Assemble the moving table on the outside of the two main girder, one side is prepare for the assemble and maintenance the crane move device, another side is prepare for the assemble of the trolley conductor device. There are full field of view Cabin suspend under the main girder, there are joint control desk or single control box packed within the Cabin, assemble the sidelong ladder between the Cabin and moving table, The main girder joint with the two side endcarriage which with the joint point in the middle.?

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (E.O.T.Cranes) Application

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (E.O.T.Cranes) is suitable to work in the all kinds factory, Mines,the open air place. Loading and unloading ,Transport materials in the fix span scope.

Detailed Product Description of Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (E.O.T.Cranes)

Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (E.O.T.Cranes)

Technical Data of Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (E.O.T.Cranes)

2.5+2.5 13.5 ≤13.5 16 A6 18.5
2.5+2.5 16.5 13.6~16.5 16 A6 20.5
2.5+2.5 19.5 16.6~19.5 16 A6 23
2.5+2.5 22.5 19.6~22.5 16 A6 25.7
2.5+2.5 25.5 22.6~25.5 16 A6 29.6
2.5+2.5 28.5 25.6~28.5 16 A6 32.9
2.5+2.5 31.5 28.6~31.5 16 A6 35.9
5+5 13.5 ≤13.5 16 A6 20.8
5+5 16.5 13.6~16.5 16 A6 22.8
5+5 19.5 16.6~19.5 16 A6 25.6
5+5 22.5 19.6~22.5 16 A6 29.3
5+5 25.5 22.6~25.5 16 A6 32.3
5+5 28.5 25.6~28.5 16 A6 35.7
5+5 31.5 28.6~31.5 16 A6 38.3

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